Dividing Lines; The Monolog, 2017, sound installation: print on canvas, sound, 40x30x5cm (16x12x2in), duration 2:45min (loop) 

Dividing Lines: The Monolog is a sound installation with a print on canvas that serves as a visual representation of the recording. The recorded monologue - a sequence of words associated with dividing lines - is collapsed and reduced to a linear wave. A steady tone behind the uttered words begins to gain the power to finally overwrite the monologue. Words become scattered among the uniform and sonic tone of a line.

Exhibition history:

︎“The Principle of Migration”, New York Foundation for the Arts NYFA, curated by Olivia Nitis, New York, US, Nov.07, 2019-Dec.20, 2019


︎Catalog of the “The Principle of Migration” by Experimental Projects and New York Foundation for the Arts, published Dec.2019

Exhibition view of "The Principle of Migration", Experimental Projects, New York Foundation for the Arts, Nov.7th - Dec.20th, 2019