Dividing Lines; The Combat Helmet, 2017, cardboard, print, plaster, silicone, in acrylic case, 14 x 16 x 13 in (35.5x40.6x33 cm)

Dividing Lines:The Combat Helmet was created during the Universal Divides performance for video. The main character of Universal Divides is engaged in seemingly playful acts of random divisions - and yet - the selections and removals of the elements of terrain serve as a metaphor for a game of power. The artist cuts the globe with a saw to reflect divisions in the world. In the last act we are presented with the final result - a combat helmet-that epitomizes how the current borders were usually created.

studio view, 2018

Exhibition history:

︎“The Map and the Territory”, NARS Foundation, curated by Tasy Xiao, New York, NY, Oct. 05, 2018- Oct. 26, 2018

Universal Divides, 2017, screenshot from the performance for video, HD Video, duration 6:21 min.