Dividing Lines: The Dream Making Zone, inkjet print on metal, 31x31cm (12x12in), 2019 -1.front view, 2.side view 3-6.details

review in this is tomorrow ︎︎︎link 
Exhibition history:

︎“Dividing Lines”, solo show, Le Guern Gallery, Warsaw, PL, November 22 - January 18, 2020


︎Elaine Y.J Zheng, “Alicja Gaskon- Dividing Lines” review, This is Tomorrow, January 18, 2020
︎Le Guern Gallery, Catalog of Exhibitions 2014-2019, design P. Kacprzak, January 2021


view of The Dividing Lines exhibition at Le Guern Gallery, Warsaw, Nov.2019 - Jan.2020