The work "Dividing Lines: Sister Cities" is now a part of the collection of the Muzeum Narodowe [National Museum] in Gdansk, Poland, Jan.2021

Dividing Lines; Sister Cities, 2018, enamel, acrylic on wood panels, 11x13x1in - overall 28x67x1in ///  28,1 x 33,2 x 2,6 cm - overall 72,2 x 169 x 2,6 cm

National Museum, Gdansk

The work is based on a survey conducted in 2016 on both sides of the US-Mexico border in sister cities. The surprising result of the survey was the discovery of the so-called third nation. People living along the border feel more connected with each other than with the citizens of their own countries. The wall-building project initiated by the United States former president was perceived as a symbol of segregation and discrimination. The work focuses on the connecting points along the border - the border crossings between these 
sister cities, such as San Ysidro-Tijuana, Calexico and Mexicali, or Progreso and Nuevo Progreso.