Contemporary Lynx, “Perfect Shape for the Concept”, Patrycja Rup, March 19, 2016


Alice Gaskon and Árpád Forgó collaborate together in “Transitions”, the latest art exhibition in the Budapest-based Platan Gallery. As the project starts at the beginning of March, now is a great time to look over their visually alluring works, and to have a closer look at contemporary geometric and abstract art, where significant concepts meet real craftsmanship. Artists tell us about what inspires them, and shed light on the hurdles they encounter in the creative process.  They also share their opinions on popular trends in art, as well as their view on current art market tendencies. 

Patrycja Rup: Your work  catches the viewer’s eye, and plays with  perception; modified materials seem to loose their natural properties, so that they are almost impossible to recognize after tooling. How do you work with your ideas before they find their final shape? What does the creation process look like?

Alicja Gaskon:  From early on, I believed that art should always mean something. Either for the artist or for the viewer, and best of all for both. That’s exactly what interests me; a work of art that is not simply built from all sorts of materials and just made to look good. It’s always about the concept behind it, that requires a certain mode of representation. I don’t think I want to stray far from the objectness of art, because that is the thing that is so alluring to me about art – an idea taking shape over time. That’s the beauty, and that’s the challenge...  Árpád Forgó: I mainly work with natural materials, like different kinds of wood, canvas (linen or cotton) and cotton strings. I create spatial constructions using these materials, and then I paint them with acrylics. Some works need a lot of layers of paint so that the materials of the construction are „hidden”, though they are still there, they are a part of the work ... To read the whole interview click here