Dividing Lines: The Berlin Wall, 2017, enamel on canvas, 72x60x2 in, (183x152x5 cm)

Dividing Lines: The Berlin Wall is based on the military map of Berlin from 1983, with a visible division of the city into the eastern and western parts. The work focuses on the 43-kilometer part of the Iron Curtain that consisted of two concrete walls located 160 meters apart. In some sections, e.g., in Czechoslovakia, the border strip was wide up to hundreds of meters. The delimitation of this area led to the accidental creation of nature reserves. A similar situation is currently taking place in the DMZ between North and South Korea  ︎︎︎”Dividing Lines:Preservation (The Green Zones)” 

studio view, 2017
studio view, 2017

Exhibition history:

︎“The Map and the Territory”, NARS Foundation, curated by Tansy Xiao, Brooklyn New York, NY, October 5 - October 26, 2018
︎“Dividing Lines”, solo show, Le Guern Gallery, Warsaw, PL, November 22 - January 18, 2020


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